Friday, 3 May 2013


I'm exhausted - last working day of the week, and what a week - very productive at work - but very full on, very glad it's a long weekend.

Watched Question Time last night, had no idea that David Starkey was such an odious little shit. Sexist, xenophobic, arrogant, self absorbed, ranting buffoon. What a fool.

Voted yesterday - Hastings only managed 30% turnout - but it's almost a 100% labour landslide - not unexpected.

Alfie Greyhound refused to go out onto the country park this morning so we walked around Clive Vale instead. All the magnolia is out - it's a beautiful day, and despite being exhausted - I really enjoyed it. My cherry blossom will be out on either Sunday or Monday, looking forward to that too.

I never liked Stuart Hall - he represented macho, smug 'in the club' TV of the 1970's.

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ro said...

dirty secret; as an adolescent I had a bit of a crush on stuart hall.......

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