Monday, 27 May 2013


Another day horizontal - light bursts of exercise and grudging dog walks, and back to bed on a lovely sunny Bank Holiday Sunday.

Felt OK today - have walked the dogs properly and had some exercise - I'm fine as long as I keep perpendicular.

I've actually quite enjoyed myself - absolute quiet, a bit of reading, lots of films - mostly very, very bad - and a chance to think in the quiet. It's not always a good idea for me to think, I go places in my head I'd rather avoid - but I've been too lazy to think too hard.

I finally decided to 'man-up' and tortured myself by watching 'Battlefield Earth' - something I've wanted to do for a long time - but had too much self respect. I was right - it really is the worst film ever made, staggeringly bad,  beyond any form of redemption, it wasn't even funny. Later on I watched a couple of 'home made' zombie horror films on youtube - they all had far more merit - except one called 'Decay' that was set at CERN after a burst of Higgs Boson rays turned everyone to zombie flesh eaters - the film was fine - except the cast, who were so bad it was mesmerising, they were staggeringly awful. I also watched a fantastic German film called 'Hell' that was essentially -"The Road" but without the existential pseudo religious bullshit and far better acted.

Additionally - I watched 'Shattered Glass' - the true story of a young journalist on the New Republic magazine who was exposed as having faked or concocted half of his lead and very successful articles. It was a fantastic film, I really enjoyed it - I can remember the whole incident happening in real time, although it lacked the malice that something like 'All The Presidents Men' revelled in, and was too ambiguous at the end - I thought it was very good indeed. Hayden Christiansen is not an actor I'd normally bother with, but he's excellent here - as is Chloe Sevigney. I didn't like the instrumental music - but mostly because it reminded me of 'Moonlighting' for some reason. What I thought was most interesting - clearly Glass was the bad guy, he was a liar and a cheat, he deceived his friends, family and workmates ( and country ) but - actually - he was very clever and creative, and they let him do it - they wanted him to come up with this stuff, they loved it. Great film - very interesting time.

Considering having another quiet day - it looks like I'm at my own leisure this week - no concrete work - a short week, and a day in London for another hospital appointment at something I shall call a 'face clinic' near Moorfields.

I'm vaguely thinking about another long dog walk - Alfie Greyhound is being a complete bastard and moaning and sulking about the house for no reason. Bloody dog thinks he owns the place and I just work for him. The other one has recovered from having a haircut and is too happy for her own good. I've let the grass grow so long I'll need farm equipment to cut it - so it can stay there. Might order a skip next week as I'm free and clear all the remaining rubble and timber from the garden so I can get on and terrace it.

One of the local nightclubs - the legendary Crypt, reopened recently after a major refit, last night they were graced by 'MrC' - of the Shamen fame - had an email round robin first thing to say that he had so much fun last night that they are taking advantage of the 10am licence and are still open, he's still there, at the decks - and will remain so until someone drops. Ah, to be young again. Actually - I hated the Shamen, but never mind, He's only 12 months younger than me. I'm sure I'm in better physical shape.

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