Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday PM.

Thatcher fatigue already - sick of some of the nonsense on both sides, looking forward to 'Maggie Ate My Hamster".

Not a great day - found work difficult and frustrating - achieved little of note and have plenty left to do. It's gone cold again - thick sea mist, not nice.

It's only 6.30pm but I already feel done in - vaguely thinking about going to bed very early.

In a weird event yesterday - a photograph from 20 years ago of a studio party I went to that had been circulated amongst several people I don't know - and ended up on the facebook page of someone I actually do know. Very strange seeing myself again after all that time. Impossible to imagine if someone was to tell me then that in 20 years, I will be sitting in my own house - looking at this image on a small piece of glass and metal that weighs the same as a tin of beans and is connected to everyone in the whole world.

Might watch a film - feeling a bit sulky.

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