Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday Morning

Feels like monday - but isn't. Another heavy frost again last night.

Spent several hours last night trying to organise 1500 CD's into genre groups. These eventually included ( as my patience waned ) - "general indie scouse failures' - 'general post punk' - 'general norther indie types' and 'mistakes'. The Mistakes are going to the Salvation Army shop.

Oddly enough - there was almost nothing I wanted to let go of. I appear to have better taste in music than I thought. The fun part comes when I attempt to digitize it all.

The wallpaper is still on the walls - and to my delight - seems happy to stay there.

My workload this week is not too bad - makes up for all the times I'm working until midnight - but as usual, I have already started fretting about what happens next.

It's bright and sunny - I saw a couple of birds on the early walk that were NOT of the winter variety - and the sunshine makes me fairly chipper. I'm going into work shortly to catch up on things and set myself a few deadlines for this week - quite a bit of money owed to me at the moment, but it won't last long. Just remembered I didn't pay my council tax, they will probably make me pay the whole lot in one go again.

I may get the bike out of heibernation - it's been impossible to ride up the hill during the bad weather - and my stamina levels are at an all time low - I NEED to get more exercise.

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