Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday PM

Still very cold, roads almost clear now but pavements deadly. There was some sun earlier - it was lovely, loads of snow everywhere - but expecting some thaw tomorrow.

Spent the day making props - these included a waist high coffee pot and a door key the dimensions of an adolescent - also a house that is large enough for a small child to hide inside. More to come - I'll probably post photographs if this shoot comes off the way it's meant to.

Also managed to find resolution with another job that involved creating a custom soundtrack for a piece of animation - made almost maddening by a sound engineer who consistently ignored careful instructions ( storyboarded and time checked ) and kept throwing in random nonsense. It seems OK now, that it's final gone back to what I designed in the first place.

While I was struggling to build the giant coffee pot - I was tapped on the shoulder by someone visiting the studio downstairs - who wanted to know where our kitchen was so they could get some water, it was someone I'd seen occasionally in town and quite fancied, I did what I always manage to do in these type of situations, and was unintentionally rude. I managed to be rude several times today - without once ever meaning to. The first person I spoke to was a man hovering about outside my own studio ( I was in house today - but went over to pick something up ) - he seemed nervous  and asked to be let in, because he was looking for 'his girlfriend' - I assumed he was a burglar. Actually - he really was looking for his girlfriend - she really does work with me and it turns out she had been stranded in her car all night in the snow - but I didn't know that.

tomorrow will be hard work - I like working and I enjoy using my head, but I'm girding my loins, nonetheless...

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