Thursday, 28 March 2013


It's very cold - colder than yesterday.

It's the last day of the week - this being a holiday weekend. The last working day of my tax year - and a very welcome break - I was exhausted last night and went to bed even earlier than usual.

managed to get quite a bit done yesterday, and prepared some work for the show in Brighton in May. I have a very bad feeling that the phone will ring later and I'll be asked to do something for next week - but I'm not thinking about it now.

I tried watching that program with Margaret Mountford about Pompeii last night - but it was boring, repetitive and info-light. Quite difficult to make one of the most dramatic events in history dull, but they achieved it. Her expertise is in accounting and Egyptology (specifically - conservation of papyrus) - have no idea why they had her on the show.

Might have a slow start - possibly have a late meeting and need to gird my loins to call my bank later.

There is an article in one o the papers about an experiment to live without central heating for a week, seriously... I've managed 30 years and know many people who eschew the gas boiler. The Sun and the Telegraph are going Paywall shortly - I'm not at all bothered... if only the Mail would do the same. Talking of the Mail - today's big story is an experiment to see if men prefer their wives 'natural' or 'made up' - the reporter has been photographed looking normal - and as a drag queen... it's a no brainer.

I have no tangible enthusiasm for today, whatsoever.

ps - this is the first time in 5 years the spellchecker has found no errors - just saying.

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