Saturday, 2 March 2013


A long and exhausting fortnight for all - been working very hard, still have lots to do - but keeping on top of things.

First thing - I'd just like to say hello to Carla and Steven on the other side of the world, and I hope that everything turns out OK and I'm thinking of you both.

I'd also like to say a big hello to the client of a friend ( he's a landscape gardner ) who reads this blog, primarily because she is related to someone who appears in Being Human - and in my book - that makes you a proper big star. I am inconsolate that BH has been cancelled after this season, it's the only program I actually watch any more on iPlayer.

My house is an absolute tip - I have to spend today cleaning - I'm also going to go on the hunt for decent light bulbs - the energy savers I have are contributing to my general low mood.

I had to go to an early meeting yesterday and didn't have time for breakfast - so I went into macDonalds - there were only a couple of people in there - a dumpy girl in her early 20's wearing a massive amount of make-up that did little to disguise the fact she was 'not blessed' - was talking on her phone whilst trying to order a fat-breakfast - talking very loudly.

"Oh my god, oh my god, last night I got so drunk me and Sophie nearly went ome with Jack and Damon for a foursome but I was so pissed I was sick instead, Oh my god, I felt him under the table anyway, oh my god I've just said that really loud and told the whole of Macdonalds, can I have an extra hash-brown please?"

I just had the coffee.

I have a work day in London on Monday ( Muswell Hill - that will be a totally new experience ) and I'm due in London again later in the month for a couple of days - going to see if I can get time to go up the Shard.

It's still cold, but not 'as' cold - I'm pleased to say - and there is a tiny amount of extra daylight. One of the 50 Alliums I planted last year is poking through and the cherry tree is starting to bud, but little else.

I started watching 'Pink narcissus'last night on a streaming arts based movie service I subscribe to. Arthouse cinema is generally very boring, very dull and very cheaply done, even the sex cannot redeem it. If I was 18 - I'd have loved it, my grown up self just kept tutting at the shabby set. I lasted about 20 mins.

Bought a lot of books recently - not been able to manage any of them.

I'd also like to add that the party I went to last week was an 80's themed 40th Birthday and nothing to do with the Eastleigh bi-election, I don't usually go out dressed as Jefferey Archer - and I can assure you - John does not normally wear a Thatcher wig ( he had to go on a special trip to London for that ) - he also found it almost impossible to get a supplier to print the words 'fuck the miners' on his blue rosette ( I made mine, there was a bit of blood and some anger )

 I might check in again later - after 30 loads of washing and a lot of cleaning.

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Clive said...

Have just found another box of low energy/low light bulbs in the garage: will probably give them away as the first lot are now beginning to fail and have to be specially disposed of at the tip (recycling centre) as they contain mercury. We are gradually replacing them with halogen bulbs, more expensive but much much brighter.

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