Thursday, 14 February 2013

Modern LIfe Is Rubbish

Last night - I had arranged a call from EE - who provide my mobile phone contract - to manage the switchover from BT - who provide my land line and broadband, I had been given a quote that was approx £150 per year cheaper if I transfer my service over to EE, and after 27 years as a BT customer - I was hard pressed to find a single reason to stay with them - in fact, I hate them.

The call came, I went through the numbers again, it was a simple process - asking for the redepmtion period on my BT account and the cost of switching - which EE would pay, and then the MAC code number to allow transfer over. I was told by EE that BT MUST to give me the details, and not to let them try and flannel me. The EE bloke put me through to BT ( 15 mins of hanging on as they are 'very busy'  - which is standard - biggest telephone company in the UK does not have enough lines and cannot provide an adequate service etc ) - and I was put through to a woman who started off perfectly sensible - and then TOTALLY REFUSED to listen to me, refused to give me the information I wanted and kept changing the subject and babbling on very fast, I had to tell her to slow down and repeated my request with some 'force' - at which point she started making me offers, and undercut EE by £10 PCM - and themselves by £15 PCM, and then, said that if I was prepared to pay my line rental for the year all in one go - I could have it for £10PCM, rather than £17.50 - at which point I started getting angry - partly because she wasn't listening and partly because I wasn't aware that I could have these reductions - when asked why - she said that it was an OFCOM regulation and I had to come to BT - they were not allowed to make offers to me - at that moment - the opporator from EE, who had been listening in, came onto the line, cut into the conversation - called her a liar, and cut her off.

I was livid, he was babbling on about BT, I got really pissed off with him cutting me off and said I didn't want to progress - which didn't go down well with him at all ( obviously - I have taken him over the allotted time required for each customer ) and I ended the call.

Result - nothing, I'm pissed off - both EE and BT are cunts, and as I know these people use stealth software to search blogs for mentions - I'll repeat that - British Telecom and Everything Everywhere are both complete and total cunts, CAN YOU HEAR ME AT THE BACK?

In the studio today, very busy - also have some in-house work to start tomorrow. Covering a senior designer who is ill - handy, but I hope he gets better soon.

The weather is shite.

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Anonymous said...

no entries since this one? I hope all is well there and your fury with EE & BT has tempered down ... waving to the dogs ...

Anne in Cambridge

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