Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Slight thaw - meaning slush and ice making it almost impossible to walk about - not great. Leaden, pewter skies - very grim. People walking about looking angry.

Depressing article here about the financial crisis that may universities find themselves in now that fees are set at around the £9k mark.

I was very lucky - I received grant aid to go to college, about £2500pa - and a small bursary to do my masters, not enough to live on - of course I worked, but it made it possible to study. I have thought about this a lot over the years, if it wasn't for the grant - there is no way I would have gone to college. I didn't have the support from my gamily, or the money to make it happen. The result? - well, I have contributed shed loads back to economy over the years in tax, worked in an industry that generates huge revenues and have personally created work, income and commercial success for others - so I think I've paid my money back in spades. If I hadn't gone to college - that would never have happened. "Do the math - as they say"

Rubbish article in the Telegraph yesterday that I won't link to - but you can google - by Boris Johnson, wittering on mindlessly about climate change, dressed up in pseudo science and random classical references. He seems to think the sun is changing, in the last few years, it's altered our climate and there is nothing we can do about it. Like may vain egoists, he thinks that the whole of history happens in his lifetime - like Canute  he thinks he's a god. Bloated on his own self love ( and the very subsidised Commons Canteen ). Someone should tell him that the sun is actually quite big, and quite old, and tends to work in timescales of millennia - and not long weekends. Twat.

I ordered a copy of the new edition of 1984 yesterday - it was 30% off all day on the Penguin site. Also this - which I've been looking forward to buying for weeks!!!!

Worked hard yesterday - finished at about 11pm - today, I shall be doing my tax returns. I'm not looking forward to it - but I usually get into it after about half an hour.

Say what you like about Michael Winner, but he shall forever be a gentleman.

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