Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Woke up feeling extrordinarily tired and with a face full of psoriasis, which is nice.

Yesterday was hard work. Dentist first thing - the elderly but well maintained woman with the facelift was in before me again. The dental consultation took less than 4 mins and cost £17.50. He was stunned at how clean my teeth were, and how healthy my gums have become - it wasn't what he was expecting and I have a feeling he was a bit disappointed. At the end - he was struggling for thins to say 'erm - of course, the key is careful brushing' - right... never thought of that..

Train to Brighton, half empty and quite cold - as was Brighton - not as busy as expected, people must still be off. Lots of freelancers in Brighton struggling to get back to work. Managed to get quite a bit done, but I'm going to finish off with a couple of days working at home - I'm still not 100% and can't face the haul into the studio yet - might be easier for me to stay home, close to the kettle and the chicken soup.

On the train home, there was a girl who I have been introduced to twice who always cuts me dead when I see her. There was also an actress who was in Eastenders about 20 years abo who looked like she had fallen on very hard times, shuffling about the station. Also, a strange man with a suitcase who seemed to have learning difficulties was bleeding profusely from the hand, and cheerfully explaining to a ticket inspector 'it's OK, I've just torn off my finger nail" - eventually an even more challenged looking man arrived with a trolley - mopped up the blood and put a ring of bollards around the damp spot. I had to wait over an hour for my train. There was a mon on board eating a Big Mac, waves of nausea washed over me for an hour. The angry looking man opposite me was reading 'The Fall' by Camus - I was watching 'Witness for the prosecution' on my iPod - need to add something new - thinking of The Dambusters. Listend to the Glenn Gould 'Goldberg variations' - if it's loud enough - you can hear him breath, murmur and mouth words.

Everyone I've spoken to about 'The Iron Lady' agreed with me that it was shite. One person made the very pertinent comment that it was quite a misogynistic film - starting as a bullied woman, insignificant and abused - and ending with a frail, pathetic old woman - pushed aside in the shops and treated with disdain. The scene in the shop was particularly annoying - obviously fiction, there is no way that she would go unrecognised in mayfair - by anyone.

Had a couple more interesting conversations about retail design and the next 12 months - very difficult environment and changing fast - as practitioners, we are also having to think carefully about how things are going to develop - looking like hard work this year.

New Bowie song, nice enough little ditty, nothing more - internet already knee deep with rabid Bowie-ites who would be happy to listen to him sodomise a baby white rhino.

Staggeringly tired...

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