Thursday, 31 January 2013


Yesterday, I managed to cough up £200 on a new pair of glasses. I ended up buying a pair from the most expensive shop ( I tried them all ) simply because the service was better - I spent about 15 mins in SpecSavers but it was like an episode of Shameless, complete with barking dogs and a woman coughing up her lungs. I'm getting a free pair of prescription sunglasses that are worth about £100, but I really would have just liked cheaper glasses. They were, quite honestly, the only frames I liked - even the girl admitted I looked better than she expected. One of the most noticeable things about my sojourn into spectacles shopping is how disinterested the staff are on what you want, or how you look. The poshest store in Hastings - Vision Express, had the least interested staff - just a single girl who seemed bemused that I had actually come into the store. She watched me squinting at the frames ( all locked up - because that's what I really came in for - to steal all the empty frames - and just carried on with her paperwork / soduko. I get them in about a week.

Worked yesterday at the studio - have a lot of jobs on at the same time and am finding it difficult to multitask. I was persuaded to eat a walnut whip and a cream egg. Not at the same time - with a respectable interval in between.

Michael Gove's de-motion of the creative subjects within our education system is going to fuck up our society for decades. Read a pretty good article by Suzanne Moore earlier - she kinda says it all.

"in the name of standards, the poor will continue to be deprived. Even of imagination."

Really getting bored with the short days, constant dark and damp -finding it very hard to get any work done at home, getting lazy and keep going to bed at 8.30pm. Today I need to write some invoices and double check that the Inland Revenue really did get my tax return and it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

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