Thursday, 24 January 2013


Despite the fact that it wasn't 'that' cold last night ( apparently 2 degrees in my bedroom ) - it felt much colder than usual - I spent the evening in the front room, as it was heated - working - and with 'In Which We Serve' and 'Reach For The Skies' on in the background. I finished at about 9pm - 2- mins later I had an email making changes to the original brief - rendering the whole day wasted. I'm on a fixed budget which has already been blown by about 5 days. I wasn't amused.

For some reason I had 3 very bad dreams in succession, depressing, disturbing and probably going to come true.

I'm working today, repeating the WHOLE of yesterday and doing some admin - then - if I get it all done, I can set Friday aside for research or stuff at home. I really don't want to work over the weekend - I'll keep my fingers crossed. It's still fairly early in the year but around about now I start getting the 'Friday' emails - around about 5.30pm, stuff they forgot to ask for during the week that MUST be done by 8am Monday.

I bought this yesterday in Oxfam, amazed it's worthless, it's fantastic - and very contemporary, lots of illustrators try really hard to emulate this style - shocked I'd never seen it before.

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