Thursday, 17 January 2013


Staggeringly cold last night - the kitchen was so frosty I didn't bother making my dinner and sat in the front room with a heater - eating Brioche out of the packet. The kitchen is single storey - angled roof with no loft and no insulation - might as well be a tin shack - as soon as I walked in I could feel the skin on the top of my head contract with shock - made a quick exit.

Watched The Dresser last night - forgotten how good it was, bought it at HMV yesterday for £2 - it's also available on Youtube for free - if you've not seen it - give it a go, was nominated for 5 Oscars - and highly entertaining - favourite part is when Albert Finney as a confused and past his prime actor gets his plays mixed up and gets into character for Othello farther than Lear - the look on his face as he presents himself blacked-up in error is unforgettable.

Studio early - then 2 meetings in Brighton - then home, it's probably going to snow tomorrow so I'm trying to cram everything in, and nobody wants to travel.

I was supposed to go out last night - 2 different events, but by the time I'd managed to get home I was too tired, walking up the hill really winded me - I was shocked at how out of condition I've become since the Norovirus thing, am in a decline.

It was curious that I happened to be on Twitter yesterday at the exact moment the first reports of the helicopter crash in London came through - it took 15 mins for the BBC and news sites to pick it up - and then all the first reports were tweets lifted verbatim, such is the future of journalism.

Psoriasis is back, fucking thing.

Not surprised about Block busters - but intrigued to see that most stores operate profitably and there have already been a number of interested parties. Very poor retail design experience.

I really want this house.

Have a meeting today to talk about a big retail project in the betting sector - always said I'd never do God, Tobacco and Gambling - and now, this will be the full house since last summer.


Steerforth said...

The Dresser is a great film, but even if it wasn't, it would still be worth watching for the "STOP.....THAT.....TRAIN!" moment.

Anonymous said...

Love the house - have you visited Goldfinger's house in Hampstead?

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