Sunday, 27 January 2013


Driving rain and gales all night - really vile weather - but OK today, not even that cold. Just a few patches of snow left were it had drifted or their had been snowmen.

Has a busy day yesterday, took about 8 hours to clean the house - I even took the hoover apart and cleaned that.  With the doors and windows open for the first time in months, it was nice to feel normal again. Spent the evening watching films, tinkering with bits of work and going to bed fairly early - woke up this morning at about 9am - latest I've woken in a long time.

I made the effort to get the cortisone cream out last night - filthy stuff, walked the dogs this morning still covered in it - white as a sheet, glad I didn't see anyone I knew.

Determined not to work today... much. Have a few things to do at home, dreary stuff like taking the recycling out and starting to get the room ready to decorate as a bathroom - little bit of admin etc. I want to keep it nice and quiet. Have been playing solitaire on the computer - I am SPECTACULARLY bad.

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