Sunday, 6 January 2013


Back at my desk.... sitting, staring at the screen...

Watched 'Damned United' last night - really enjoyed it - but once again, Michael Sheen is doing a very good impersonation rather than acting - and I struggled to engage with a subject I can't understand and have no sympathy for - but it was a decent film and very well made. I did have issues with his teeth - they are perfect - bright white and even, whereas Timothy Spall playing against him had 'human' teeth... I later watched 'Sin City' - which I've seen before but enjoyed as much as the first time.

Thick white fog this morning - I had intended to go to the studio - but I thought better of it. I have an early appointment at the dentist for a check up, this is my regular NHS dentist - who I find patronising and smug, the one that refused to refer me to a consultant and told me I should have a dental plate. I'm only going to make the point that my teeth are now fine, stable and healthy. After that - I'll look for an alternative, as it's almost impossible to get a new NHS dentist now in Hastings - I'm going to look at a private practice and some kind of dental plan. I'll take advice on that.

Still feeling rough, not been able to manage solid food since New Years Day - get very tired and bloated if I have more than 2 cups of tea - but loads better, just as well - I have to work in Brighton tomorrow. Was really hoping to be a bit more ahead of myself by now - but will just have to plough on.

Lost my temper yesterday and de-friended someone I know quite well on facebook ( there will be consequences ) because of her insistence on making snide little remarks and criticising anything I say, chiding me for everything. I've had to put up with people undermining me at home, school, college, work all my life - can't really see why I should continue to tolerate them. If you want to pick holes in everything that everyone does - perhaps it's best to look at your own life first.

I'm sad that I missed the TV event of the year last night - apparently something called 'Splash!' that was so bad the whole internet nearly went down under the burden of criticism and mockery. Very good review here of what sounds like the single worst concept for a TV show in the history of light entertainment. Includes the classic and immortal line;

"she just plops into the water as if she fell out of a lose bowel"  

I did have some vague ideas about getting a TV again after xmas - but this just reminded my why it would be a terrible mistake.

There was a woman on the radio last night in a debate about Bishops, gay bishops, married bishops and whatever - the whole things is so absurd and comic it's laughable - neither side of the debate had a clue what they were talking about and became increasingly shrill, random and silly - half way through I realised that her perspective on the CofE was that it was just like the National Trust and not a belief system, and should be treated like a stately home and preserved in aspic for people to visit occasionally and provide employment for costumed volunteers. It's in the process of destroying itself anyway - so why not nationalise the bloody churches and turn them into the theme parks they desperately want to be.

Article on the radio earlier about the absurd cost of rail travel in the UK, and how bad commuting is - another one in the paper from Michael Portillo bemoaning the standards on the trains in the context of the loss of a restaurant car "I miss kippers" - he is about to do an 'audience with' event at the local De La Warr Pavilion shortly - I may well go and throw kippers. My sole experience of that man is about 10 years ago in London, waiting for a taxi at Victoria Station - I managed to get to the front of the queue - and as I was about to open the door - he appeared from nowhere - got in the taxi and sped off. I have adopted a 'shoot on sight' policy ever since.

This is a depressing read - if you can't work your way through an article about the financial and personal problems that have befallen Vii Reilly - just watch this instead and try and fathom why Justin Beiber lives in a big house.

Best thing I've overheard in Hastings EVER - passed two women whilst dog walking - one said to the other "I gave her a chance, but she's gone to fat"

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