Monday, 28 January 2013


It's clear - but very cold. VERY cold. Walked the dogs without gloves, a mistake - my fingers may snap off.

Talking about the new High Speed lines on the radio - comparing us to European cities, pretty pointless - some rather wooly arguments on both sides already. Whatever happens - people will be angry and upset about something, but then - the people who moan about new rail most are the same people who moan about poor train services. I need to go to Bradford in a few months - by train - I could get to New York and back in the same time.

I had a 'proper' weekend. No work, watching films, reading and even bought the papers and had a lie in.Could quite get used to it. Plenty to do today - going to drop some bags of clothes off at the Salvation Army shop first so I'm not going in until 9am. My broadband speed at home has dropped down to almost nothing - it's like the 90's. I think it's a cunning ploy to get me to upgrade.....

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