Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday Morning

Watched 'The Iron Lady' last night... well - the first hour. Single worst film I have ever seen. Terrible script, confused and pointless plotting and construction, comic performances ( wasn't Lindsay Lohan available?) and almost no grasp of actual history - worse than a pastiche - if it had been a French and Saunders sketch there would have been more truth in it. The scene where she's in the 'war room' ordering the sinking of The Belgrano reminded me of Liam Niesen in 'Battleship' - in fact... in a certain light...

Regardless of your feelings about the woman, it was horrendous - cruel and exploitative on one hand - dishonest on another. Totally lacked any context and very misleading. Failed to cover hugely important parts of history ( she was a scientist before she went into parliament - not just a grocers daughter - that is pertinent ) and gave no real or honest explanation of anything - just cherry picking scenes to matched the right outfits. Very gloomy, probably needed a couple of songs to cheer it up.

Up early. Dentist, work, home, bed... that's the way today is panning out. Have really bad dry skin on my face - look like I've been sandpapered. I've reached the point where I need really big glasses to draw the eye away from my face.

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Steerforth said...

Yes, I gave up after about an hour too. It was like something from the Mike Yarwood show, but without the jokes.

I hated the cloying sentimentality with which the senile Thatcher was portrayed - the imaginary conversations with Dennis were very stagey. I also found the constant flashbacks really annoying.

There was no real sense of a narrative. Just a series of little vignettes that didn't add up to anything. Absolute crap and a waste of an hour of my life.

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