Friday, 18 January 2013


Snow, but only an inch - probably too cold, and very windy. I worked in the studio for the morning and brought the computer equipment home, loads to do over the weekend anyway - so might as well not take any risks. The cab driver said that they were all knocking off anyway because, as Hastings is surrounded by countryside and steep hills - there is no joy in being a cab driver in poor weather - he would regularly get calls like 'I'm snowed in, can't get the car out of the drive - can I have a cab please'. He actually couldn't risk my hill - it really is steep - so I had to walk the last 10 yards.

Worked in Brighton yesterday - managed to get a lot done, talked to 3 clients about 3 different piece of work - quite pleased with the progress there. Work is still a bit 'bitty' - but we are only 2 weeks into the year, so I'm not complaining.

I've sort of settled into the house now for a few days - I know what I have to do, there is food, and I don't need anything. The Coop has already been stripped bare by panic buyers and I can't face the drama of struggling through ungritted roads.

Went to a friends house last night for a Scrabble evening, beaten by girls every time, in fact - I was thrashed - but I was the youngest there - so perhaps they have a more developed vocabulary.

The other nigh, in  a moment f boredom - I watched 'Father Brown' on the iPlayer - I have read the books many years abo and quite liked them as period pieces. The TV production was just fucking terrible - Mark Williams miscast, terrible script, big chunks of plot distorted by bad editing - it looks like they just had access to a weekend with the Foyle's War wardrobe and made it up on the hoof - they also did that very fashionable thing of 'sexing up' the plot with a bit of deviant sexuality - pointless and a bit insulting. Very bad Telly. A few people have said they like 'Utopia' - but I just can't be bothered.

I can absolutely guarantee that in 2 years - lance Armstrong will be fully rehabilitated, back in the public eye, and totally unrepentant. Absolute total narcissist - and interviewed by Oprah - who is one herself - the tension between them was more to do with who looked best on screen. All the people who have suffered and been destroyed by him will be brushed aside. Tellingly - the son of Sharon Osborne ( what is it with these sociopath narcissists today - they are popping up all over ? ) has already made the statement - 'the doping does not matter - he gave people hope!!!!" - just fuck off.

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