Friday, 11 January 2013


Nearly forgot to put the bins out - mad rush with wet bin bags and over excited dogs at 7am.

Cold today, not as cold as it will be, but proper woolly hat weather. Watched Question Time last night - first time in years - Nadine Dorries is an idiot - nobody else had much of merit to say. John Bird sensible but bloated with too much internalised rage. Came from Lewisham - the vast majority of the audience very young - this is a good thing. Sometimes I miss living in a metropolitan centre, because there is so much more going on, but the grass is etc..

Plenty of rumours about HMV, essentially - spend your voucher this week if you have one. This is very sad. The new 'big budget' add for the Guardian is fucking awful - I actually feel like the bloke in the lift at the end - you are not supposed to alienate your core consumer - or set your readers up as smug, mindless, cliched metro-ironic wankers - it's just not working, and using Hugh Grant is a mistake, yes - we all get the joke about Levesen - but he still makes shit films. Perhaps I'm not metro-ironic enough.

The bloke from Sony on the radio (D.I.D) may be one of the most successful and powerful people in his industry - but he has terrible taste in music and is staggeringly boring. Therein lies the difference between Sony and Apple.

I have become increasingly fascinated by lurking on twitter, watching journalists and social commentators get drunk, squeal about Celebrity Big Brother and generally be quite stupid and childish - famous people seem to be deficient in some way - the limitations of 140 characters reveals them to be even more stupid and infantile than I could have imagined. Lauren Laverne tweets from an upstairs bedroom to the people waiting downstairs as she tries to get her child to sleep - telling them she won't be long - sharing this information with about 30k other people, most of whom are probably not waiting downstairs for her. I wish they could make wireless junk visible for a day. We are in an electronic pea soup. One musician likes to get drunk very late at night, comment on youtube videos and get increasingly racist and ranting - then goes to bed for 12 hours and forgets it's all been there. I'm also amused by the number of people who post 'shock' breaking news stories on Twitter - 12 hours after it's been on the BBC - as Twitter seems to be their only contact with the media.

If you get the chance - this has been 'book of the week' on Radio 4 - it's exceptional.

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