Monday, 14 January 2013


Really vile day, snow followed by rain, very cold, dark and depressing. Almost nothing happening in the world as everyone retreats back under the duvet and pretends it never happened. Getting motivated is very hard work - too much tea drunk and too many biscuits eaten.

The people a couple of doors away are having their house scaffolded - there is a giant projecting sign that is roughly as big as the house with the firms name on it - positioned like a sail ( it's vinyl held by tension wires ) - It faces directly out over the valley and the south downs, towards the sea. It will catch a lot of wind.

All the fuss over Moore, Burchill et all - it's worth remembering that EVERYONE is a critic now, and EVERYONE seems to be angry about something, interesting read here about the ugly face of crowdsourced critiques in my industry, I have to be honest - I've done this myself, but only when I'm very angry - which is approx half the time. Oddly enough -m on the back of all the fuss over transphobia - the New Statesman is running a week devoted to Trans issues, a complete coincidence, and they had to run this neat disclaimer today.

"PS. I should add upfront that this theme week was planned before the recent Twitterstorm about Julie Burchill's article. We won't be hosting a response to that, as the idea of a New Statesman comment piece about an Observer comment piece about a Guardian comment piece about Twitter comments made after a New Statesman comment piece might be testing the patience of a casual reader."


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