Sunday, 16 December 2012


Bright and early - dog walking in the clear blue skies, after yesterday and it's darkness and squalls. Did a huge amount of cleaning yesterday - but barely scratched the surface.  It's never ending.

Going into work today to try and catch up - in addition, might be picking up a spare iMac for the house 2nd hand - good for the internet and media / films etc.

They have started changing the street light to direction white light LED high tech numbers - really good, they don't fill the street wit a yellow sodium glow - you can see the stars, and although there is a lot less 'light' it's really easy to see - you get these great little pools of light that are specifically directed to 'dark' spots on the pavement - really like them.

Lots to do today - I also remembered at about 6am that it was exactly 9 years since I sold my house in Brighton - fot 170K - it's now work approx 375k - about 4 times what I could afford now. It was a lovely day in Brighton, bright sunshine and short sleeved shirts - by the time we had arrived in Liverpool they were gritting the roads.

The press coverage of the School Shooting is frankly disgusting, full of mindless speculation, downright untruths and twisted reporting - just so we are sure - Aspergers does not make you into a suicidal mass murderer - nobody sat on their fat arse in a newsroom on the other side of the world is capable of making a clinical diagnosis from something they saw on Sky News, and reporting a half truth, dressing it up with drama and re-reporting , padding a tweet into a full story and mindless speculation - do not a Pulitzer win. I really do urge you to watch this before settling down with the Sunday Times.

Yesterday - I very nearly 'accidently' deleted my work folder - all the current projects  - had a moment of sheer terror and stomach knotting horror - found it in the bin. I wonder if there is a way to make a folder 'undeletable'?

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Steerforth said...

The forensic psychiatrist was spot-on. This whole 'rolling news' culture makes me sick. Bring back the days when the news was announced by men who were so dull, they all merged into one 53-year-old balding blob of blandness.

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