Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday Morning

Up at 6am - just waiting for it to get light so I can dog walk. The weather has been terrible - very cold, wet and gales - sudden squalls setting off all the car alarms and things falling from the sky thatsound like half bricks.

I watched the final of Masterchef - I wish I hadn't. It's the only 'reality' show worth watching ( the professional one, not the amateur one ) and is all about talent - and not silly stunts like cooking for the army or the cast of Eastenders - I've enjoyed it so far - but really can't get my head around the concept of 'winning' - it seems pointless at the end.

Worked really hard yesterday and managed to get loads done - but still have one project left to do - planning on trying to break the back of it tomorrow and then completing Monday - have quite a lot on next week so I'm going to have to knuckle down.

Today will mostly be cleaning and house stuff. The weather may have been rubbish ( although I'm sure that we had heavy snow at this time last year ) but things are still growing in the garden - mostly trees - my cherry is also budding and I have seen several in flower.

The school shootings in America don't require any comment from me - but as I was reading about them one one site - another offered me the chance to buy an exclusive 'designer' umbrella with a handle shaped like a rifle butt - in the same vein as 'ironic' ceramic vases shaped like revolvers. Sort of thing really pisses me off. You can get all sorts - combs and lighters shaped like handguns that you can carry in the same way ( people have been shot dead by the police in America without warning for carrying them ), pastry cutters, door handles - even pans that fry eggs in the shape of guns - and soft cushions. Tossers.

On the news this morning - it seems there have been a number of remembrance services and mass's for the nurse who killed herself last week - including one later today at Westminster Cathedral - so one can assume she was a catholic, a bit confusing - as I seem to remember that catholics are taught that, as someone who has committed a mortal sin, she is now in hell.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered that too ... but apparently you do not have to be catholic to have a mass said for you. Since she was from India, body now back in India I would guess she would have been whatever Indians are.
The whole episode is ridiculous ... she decided to kill herself leaving unpleasant notes behind. One wonders if the dropping standard
of care that is in many newspaper articles is connected to the vast number of nursing staff here in Britain who are not from Britain.

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