Friday, 21 December 2012


I needed to spend a couple of days in London. This included traveling ( expensive ) putting the dogs in kennels - ( not too expensive ) and a hotel - which actually wasn't bad - cheaper than some of the truly dreadful places I have stayed in the past - it was a basement studio room, with a small garden, in a very smart Georgian crescent behind the Welcome Institute in that Camden / Bloomsbury hinterland.

It was very smart, very clean and well laid out - apparently the Olympics gave many London hoteliers a kick up the arse. Alas - I found it impossible to sleep - but that was my fault - it was actually really quiet - considering we were about 100 yards from the busiest road in London and almost opposite the British Library, Euston Station and St Pancras. £84. Very good value.

The surrounding area was full of little shops, bars, pubs, and oddities like lauderettes and barbers - there is a huge amount of very good social housing around there - everything from lovely TOC Peabody flats  to experimental modernist blocks and art deco apartments. I could quite happily live there - except I will never be able to afford to, glancing in an estate agent window I spied a 1950's council flat with 2 bedrooms on the market for £300k. I had a little sulk afterwards.

I also went to see Sightseers - a gently British comedy about caravan holidays, the Yorkshire landscape and serial killing. I think everyone should be forced to watch it - the ideal xmas film for anyone who has had to deal with the frustrations of modern life.

I also saw the Death exhibition at the Welcome institute - which was fantastic ( and has a great cafe ), and spent a bit of time at the National Portrait Gallery - another favourite. Bought some books and a number of stationary items. Yesterday I had to leave my bag in left luggage. £8.50 Sheesh.

My single bad experience came from the misery of London Trocadero - where the film was shown. Moron with nothing to do sold me a ticket for a film that had been on earlier in the day, angry rude woman refused to let me in and made a huge fuss and was incredibly surly - another rude man was required to change the tickets. Was practically the only person in the building. Made me really angry.

I had to stand on the train all the way back - my feet were swollen already. Managed to sneak in - and out - of the xmas drinks and dinner for a client, without actually saying much or having to eat anything. Doing the same today. Off to Brighton to see a client and have an xmas works drink. Then I'm off. I have a couple of jobs to do before January - and paperwork. Looking forward to the break. Have planned nothing - there is no food in the house and I'm going to keep a very low profile. Quite pleased I have subscribed to a film streaming service.

If the world ends today - I shall be very surprised, and annoyed - as there are still people who owe me money.


lucy joy said...

I quite fancy Sightseers, but wondered if it'd be a bit OTT and lack the subtle dark touches that make such films work.
I have no food in either, and I couldn't care less. Nobody will starve because I haven't spent £100 on bowel cancer-causing food to eat within 3 days.
I dread to think how anti-Christmas I'd be if I didn't have children.

Ponty is alive with speculation about the Lostprophets frontman. My friend went out with him for years, he always seemed nice enough Chilling.

Merry Christmas!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hope you are very happy over Christmas and I am looking forward to another year of reading your blog and following your news, especially the Co-op.You've entertained me all year so THANKS and good wishes.

Grey Area said...

The Lost Prophets thing hasn't been reported much, it's either too terrible to talk about - or lacks the sheen of celebrity light entertainment and has low recognition factors for the Daily Mail reader.

I have done no shopping at all this year./ There is no food in the house - and I seriously don't give a toss. I'd quite like the whole thing to go away.

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