Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day pm.

Went into town earlier - needed some fresh air, and knew that the weather was going to turn again ( it did, squalls and driving rain ). Town was full of angry faced people who had only just realised that they don't like their families. 

First thing I saw was a busker - annoyingly, I recognised him as one of the numerous Hastings 20 somethings who survive on trust funds. There was nothing in the shops I actually wanted - it was just a chance to move about a bit in the air. In the end - I bought a half price mattress protector - I'd wanted one anyway, hardly glam… but a necessity of sorts.

Sadly - the woman injured swimming on Xmas morning has died - I didn't know her myself - but several people I know on Facebook did, and have been quite upset.

The weather turned really bad again after I came home - water under the doors and through the roof, good chance I'll lose some fences.

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