Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Long and very tiring day yesterday - worked really hard until nearly 9pm. Did a good job, happy with what I produced, had to deal with a supplier who may have let us down badly and talk for nearly an hour to a client who is, to say the least - difficult. Working at my own studio today - again, very busy this week and all of next week too. I need to be in Brighton on Friday morning and in London all day Monday. Need a holiday.

Had the most disturbing and upsetting dream last night, that I won't get into - hoping it fades quickly.

Yesterday - I had an M&S mirco-meal for my lunch, it was reduced to £3 - and was partly to erase the nightmare images from my trip to Macdonalds the day before. Cod Mornay with green vegetables and mashed potato. It 'OK' - the potato was processed to a paste so smooth and fine it seemed to be unnatural - but it was cod, and the vegetables were green.

I'm having HUGE problems with small dog, she's becoming very destructive and hyperactive - and pissing constantly in the house - getting worn out with it now.

Weather is clammy, wet and windy - very little light. Quite depressing. Having dificulty walking up today.

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