Tuesday, 27 November 2012


There is someone on the radio called Matilda.

I was back up to the dental hospital in London yesterday - the department is called 'Trauma' which makes sense. I was hoping for a 'well done, you're going to live!!' type reception - but it was more muted - despite my staggering amounts of effort. I'm back in a month for another check up. The trains there and back were both long and uncertain, a cancelation nearly made me late and it took 3 hours to get home - sitting on a tiny flap down seat, facing the open toilet door - depressing. The weather was foul and I just wasn't in the mood. Despite telling everyone I was away for the day - I had about 30 emails. I was busy all day Friday, Monday, and not available over the weekend - this has apparently made me about a week late with everything - so I'm not looking forward to the rest of this week.

I'm working at home today - I have to wait in for a parcel and I don't need any moe distractions - I'm hoping to get a lot done. Supposed to go to a birthday event tonight ( vegan food ) but I'm never going to get all of this done in time.

The solicitor who wrote to me about the tiny amount of tax I owed ( and paid ) just can't take no for an answer - someone rang me last night and was on the phone for half an hour - incredulous that I'd actually paid the bill and needing proof "why can't you just contact the revenue - they are your client? " -"Oh, it just doesn't work like that" - I had to email them proof, I also pointed out that if they want anything to stand up in court - they need to follow legal process, and suggested that their letters should be sent out BEFORE due date and not AFTER. Why am I getting annoyed - I don't even owe anything????

The woman opposite me on the train last night ( standing most of the way ) looked as if she'd been made up from selected body parts from Rod Stewarts old wives. 6'2" - model figure, blonde, obviously staggeringly beautiful about 20 years ago and dressed all in black - all expensive shmutter and a FUCKING HUGE diamond on her engagement finger. On the downside she couldn't leave her Blackberry alone - we are breeding generations of women with badly creased foreheads from all that peering and frowning.

I think this is a bit sad, really. It's been reported widely to much mirth - I feel sorry for him, I suspect he's really going to get exploited by both sides.

I think this is fascinating and encouraging.

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