Wednesday, 21 September 2011


.. and caught in the pissing down rain whilst dog walking.

Had a good day yesterday, my 2nd 'proper' non working day of te summer and I re-plumbed the kitchen to my satisfaction - and a highly professional standard - the waste pipe arrangement is a work of art - I cut a new hole through the kitchen wall, and created a nice, clean, tidy waste arrangement for sink and washing machine that was a masterpiece of economy. I cleaned up the big ceramic sink I bought about 3 years ago and has been in the garden full f pot plants, built a new unit from an Ikea trolley - dusted off the big chrome mixer taps from my house in Brighton and have put together a fairly flash and servicable new kitchen with more space. All I need it to T&G a wall, re-working the wiring at the same time, pain and put down a new floor. The only real money I need to spend will be on the work tops - and as they are now much smaller - I will be spending a lot less. I'm very happy with everything and it cost me no money - all being done with items I already had.

I was so pleased with myself I had a pasta dinner and half a bottle of wine, which I then spilled all over my work book while I was writing notes. I'm going into college later to make sure that the services to my room work properly - and I'm invited to a drinks bash later to mark the end of the Media Enterprise Center contract in Hastings.

I'm fairly short of cash until I get paid but I should have enough to buy a garden burner on Saturday and get rid of all the wood and crap that's piled up. I'm going to be fairly focused on teaching for a few weeks so I don't want anything getting on my nerves. Which reminds me - must write some invoices today.

I see that 'Tinker Tailor' is only going to Eastbourne - that's fairly typical, I have no intention of traveling half an hour on the train and paying a tenner fare just to go to the cinema. I'm trying to ignore the news - from what I gather Europe is going bust and I'll just have to become self sufficient - I have a feeling that Greece will descend into savage canabalism just to get by - that and selling tat to tourists.


Anonymous said...

Good news: Tinker Tailor is actually on at the Hastings Odeon this week - according to anyway
- a reader

Richard said...

I was talking to a couple in the pub last night who were on their way top see it - however, they had never heard of the Alec Guinness version - refused to believe anyone would watch 7 hours of a single drama and had thought it was a new and original story.

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