Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Crikey - Thursday tomorrow - very quick week!

Went into town - bought spare laptop case for £3, a bag of dog bones and a pair of very nice Brogues for £15. In the shopping center, the windows of Shoe Zone were blanked out with giant signs that said 'buy one, get one free' - I was distracted at the time and wandering on the fringes of my autistic side and found this very challenging.

Picked up a very good, hardback, woodcut illustrated copy of 'The Old Man and the Sea' in Oxfam - and a couple of very nice Penguins  including one called 'Men In Prison' from the 1970's - probably not as good as it looks. Saw a couple of pregnant girls who were almost certainly under 14. Did what I needed to do at work and ate a mean looking sandwich.

The dogs seem rather full of beans at the moment. After a longer than usual and very energetic fun-run Alfie has managed to run into a hedge and gouge himself a couple of times. Not bad enough for a stitch but will take quite a bit of scabbing over. He's not bothered, bought them bones and they are happy.

Now that I'm back I am very tired - but I have work tonight, after my pasta dinner. I have bought wine in anticipation.

I may... or may not, have commercial work tomorrow and Friday - still waiting to find out.


Schneewittchen said...

Haha, the shoe sign and the distraction it caused, reminded me of the sale sign in one of our Canadian shops that said, 'Big Beaver Sale', and my visiting Brits just kept circling whilst pointing and guffawing, until they had to go in the shop and ask if they could have the sign. Shop assistant said no.

Richard said...

ah - I remember when the highly respected 'Beaver University' had to change it's name after 100 years when the internet made it impossible to have an online presence. We've come a long way as a species... ( it's now called Arcadia University and is in Penn state. )

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