Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Very cold, wet and windy - still dark outside - no sign of dog activity yet. They need to muster - I have to get the train fairly soon - I want to get into the office by 9.30ish - and there is a train at 8.15.

Woke up with a bad back - no idea why, this office chair isn't helping.... I don't really like the expensive studio chairs in Brighton - could be them. Finding it difficult to sit and type.

This week is looking very chaotic - constant emails from people with different demands - everything from references requested for past students to an invoice returned  for not having an order number - despite it already being paid. I made a large payment to the inland revenue a week ago and although it went out of my account straight away - it's still not shown up on my S.E. account. If it's not on by tomorrow there will be harsh words.

That sausage roll from yesterday gave me terrible indigestion - I won't be making that mistake again.

Nothing much in the papers, just gave them a very quick scan. Very good reviews for tinker Tailor - looking forward to that, may watch the original over the weekend - in fact - I need an audio book copy - I may download it while I'm dog walking, I've nearly finished 'Member of The Wedding'. At some point I want to catch up with 'Appropriate Adult' - I'm sure it's available online somewhere.

Hopefully this project finishes today - I'm dreading winding down with commercial work - It's been great - but I do need a week of catch up and a week to concentrate on college before it starts. I remember how exhausted I was last year when we got to the first half term - so a bit of R&R would help. On the radio this morning they were talking about the trade in fashion accessory pets and 'micro pigs'  and the bloke said - "with Christmas Just around the corner" - It ruined my day before it started.

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