Thursday, 8 September 2011


At some point this morning - I had my 55,555th page view..... not that it means anything - but I like numbers.

Very busy yesterday, It included a trip into college to attend an H.E. forum... and a bit of a bold move from me. I saw my head of department and asked to have my fraction reduced, so that I am only employed 2.5 days per week during term time. It means more of the contact teaching will be by visiting lecturers - and I will concentrate on running and administering the course - I get paid less - but I also get more time to work commercially. I can't afford to concentrate on teaching - it's exhausting and poorly paid - the alternative would be to concentrate more on teaching and ask for an increase in fraction - but that would trap me into teaching ( and earn rubbish money ) and make it almost impossible to work effectively commercially and earn enough to survive.

So - I've given myself a bit of a push towards commercial practice - and with a bit of hard work, I'll be happier and better off. And less grumpy.

One thing I need to be careful of - it means that my monthly salary will be under the threshold that my bank has for 'free banking' - so I need to top up every single month - which is less than practical when you are freelance and only get paid at the end of projects. I'll have to keep an eye on that. I should have a bit of cash to tide me over but I'll just have to be a better administrator.

I met up with a friend yesterday afternoon and had a couple of drink - then had to rush over to see a client, and had a couple with them - so I have a bit of a headache today - at least I'm working at home and can take my time over it. I'm in London tomorrow with a client - and the meeting has been brought forward a bit to lunch, which will be nice. It also means I get back sooner, a bonus.

Nothing in the papers, on the news - or the web that really interested me today... perhaps I should just get on with some work.

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