Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday already

Very busy today - but I'm getting a free restaurant lunch - that helps.

Bought a new kettle in the sale at Rober Dyas - can't believe I've not had one for a month. Also bought some cheap tat in the pound shop and a packet of Zirtek tablets from the 'non prescription' person in Boots who was very friendly but wanted to spend at least 20 mins with every customer - the old lady ahead of me was informed sternly that she had a fungal infection on her finger nails and should see a doctor - and that it could take a year to treat. She only wanted cotton buds.

Spent quite a lot of time at college yesterday - including cleaning all the tables. had an email telling me I had to be at a meeting - half an hour after it had already started. Nothing changes.

Couple of pieces of advertising work have come in today that need turning round, and I'm going to put in a nice invoice later toady, and it looks like I'm going to be spending all weekend just getting my head together for next week - I'm actually looking forward to it - I'm starting off with quite a light week, they get really tired at the beginning - and ease them in. When I was a student we were just given some bits of paper and told to get on with it. It's not like that anymore.

Had an email from health and safety with the following embedded footer....

Working safely is like breathing - if you don't, you die.  ~Author Unknown

Tangibly colder already, rumours of October snow - highly entertaining.

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