Saturday, 17 September 2011


The weather is vile - like December... which is inconvenient, as it's the annual Seafood Festival this weekend - it must be horrible on the seafront - high winds, driving rain, cold....

Yestaerday I discovered woodwork in the planchest I keep my archive in - 25 years of work being nibbled by the little fuckers. I'm going to finish treating it today and have been ruthless, chucking away old work that I no longer feel I need to keep - much of it full of bad memories - awkward clients, unpaid bills, difficult printers. I used to love the process of taking work to print - but I hate it now - really nasty business.

Last night  noticed that someone quite well know in this town was outside my house again - same time as last week - he does not live anywhere near here and would have no reason to be in this part of the village - but judging by the way he was walking, nay.. dancing - I figured out that his dealer must be one of my neighbours. It's amazing how many intelligent and generally well adjusted people of my age still indulge in the white stuff, pointless and frankly, fucking juvenile. If it's the house I think it is, they are the fuckers who used my identity to get free vertinary care.

I'm staggeringly tired today - loads to do but the light levels are very low and it's quite depressing.  Actually - I think Alfie greyhound is a bit 'low' - he's been really sulky all week and is just moping about looking sad. He just came  into the office with the express purpose of trying to make me feel sorry for him whilst raiding my pockets.

I gave away the old portable telly that had been in the loft yesterday - so even f the TV detector bods raid the house and search it - they can't pin anything on me - they have more chance of finding Anne Frank. Whilst I was up there I noticed some clothes moths still fluttering about -when I bought the house there were a pie of old carpets up there and they were infested with the buggers, so I bought a large room fogger - it's like a smoke bomb, and I'm going to drive them out. Apparently the Duke of York's Cinema in Brighton is suffering a severe infestation, according to a friend who went to see Jane Eyre last week ( which is, apparently, excellent ).

I watched Torchwood on iPlayer, I thought it was good fun for big kids, but whatever you do - don't bother dipping into any of the online forums - there is a giant fanbase out there who think its the most important thing in the history of the world and are hysterical in their criticism. Personally - I can't 'get' Barrowman - he's the dullest man on earth and a terrible actor - but I think he's one for the ladies.

Looking forward to Tinker Tailor - which apparently will be with us next week, I think I may watch the TV version this week in anticipation. I still can't get over how I managed to download the TV version rather than the audio book.

I'm going to clean the kitchen later -the kind of cleaning that involves moving the cooker.... I may be some time.

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