Monday, 19 September 2011


 The Start of my last 'free' week before teaching. I think the dogs may have become addicted to stimulants - they were a nuisance yesterday and are already running around the house at 5am. I hate walking them in the dark mornings, they spy cats, foxes and badgers and are a pain in the arse.

They are talking on the radio about the Dale farm evictions planed for today. It could end up being messy. I'll avoid. They had a woman from the site on the radio at the weekend, she was waxing lyrical about her lifestyle and culture - which essentially boils down to 'we should be allowed to do what the fuck we want because it's traditional' - I'm sure we would all love to be able to go where we want, build houses we feel like it without care  - but life isn't like that.

They are talking Emmy's on the radio - Mad Men has won for the 4th year running - and I've still never seen a single episode.

There is a greyhound nudging me in the back - I'll have to go....

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