Monday, 12 September 2011


Waited for a clear spot this morning before cycling in - managed to get about 200 yards before the rain came back. I've never had to pedal hard to get down hill before. My cagoule turned out to have no waterproof qualities whatsoever.

I set up the new studio for next year - moved all the furniture into a better arrangement and bartered with facilites to have some big workbenches brought down from storage - they had to be dismantled to get through the door. Room looks much better. There is a ventilation issue so I'm going to get all the students to bring in pot plants - we have huge windows, will be perfect to soak up all that carbon dioxide.

Had several long and tense conversations about computer and software issues and slowly started to remember what teaching was like. College is already quite busy. Several students are pushing prams, many more seem to have the subject on the adjenda and there were legion new and creative ways to have your face pierced. Lots of tattoos on under aged boys and girls.

Was delighted to find a plain black laptop case in ESK for a couple of quid, reduced because it's a defunct 15" macbook style - which is what I have, I'm going to pop in and get a couple of spares.

Came home to a load of work - the wind has died down and the clouds have cleared, it's now actually very hot. Fell asleep in a chair. Now feel rotten.

First thing - I had my dental appointment. He knows I've talked to a consultant about a referral and he was quite different today - I'm not sure if he's got the hump with me or has washed his hands - but was very different. made more notes than usual, made a point of cleaning my teeth even though I had it done last week by a hygenist for an hour at some expense - and pointed out that I needed no fillings. Didn't mention the huge improvement in my gums - but prodded them repeatedly with a sharp implement until they bled, and made a note of it. Wants to see me in 6 months. He looked quite depressed when I left - this did not fill me with confidence.

I'm being harassed by 'Kleeneeze' who insist they left a catalogue for me and keep coming back for it and leaving notes. They didn't.

I had a conversation last night about 'Happy Like Murderers' - and tried to remember who I loaned my copy to - I looked for it online ( it's about to come out again in softback ) and found it on Amazon at £400 - I had the first edition hardback with the Damien Hirst cover. Became quite annoyed with myself. A friend in Brighton has my copy of a Lytton Strachey illustrated satire that is worth quite a bit too - i must remember to get it back.

Christ - I'm exhausted...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Kleeneze lady is actually very nice - I have blown it by getting a washing line prop from them, and now will never hear the end of it.

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