Thursday, 1 September 2011

I had such plans...

I was supposed to be in London today but the meeting was postponed - I was relieved - I was pretty exhausted already and it would have been very tiring. I had loads to do today - none of it good, mostly tying up loose ends - I got to lunch time and went back to bed and fell into a deep sleep for over 3 hours. I've also been bracing myself to think about going back to work - and it's stressed me out so much I have a frozen shoulder. I'm popping in tomorrow - but I'm really not looking forward to it. I've already started getting loads of work related emails - none of them good.

I had a miserable afternoon that included trying to take copy and put it straight into artwork over the phone, while the clint wrote off the top of their head and made constant changes, this is not the way I work... more frozen shoulders. Aside from them, I've not spoken to anyone today - I can go for weeks without talking, given the chance.

I found a dog flea in my bedroom - i was mortified - I've now ordered enough specialist stuff to fumigate and treat the whole house - which I shall do over the weekend.

I've been using Corsodyl gel on the recommendation of the hygenist - it's bloody brilliant, in just a few days my gums have changed colour and are looking and feeling loads better, I have the paperwork through for my referral to a London Specialist and I'll take care of that in the morning.

Had an advice email from a client to say another invoice has been paid, just one very large one to go - and I'm back working in Brighton on Monday and London on Friday.

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