Friday, 16 September 2011


Blimey - that was a quick week.

My contract work didn't appear ( they never actually tell you - they book you tentatively to clear the space in your diary so you can't work for anyone else, and then just leave you sitting at your desk... waiting ) so I caught up on stuff instead and managed to get a lot done. Same logic applies today.

Early this morning I fell victim to 'cold mac' syndrome - it's now dropped below the comfort zone for my poor old G5 and it hates being woken up in the morning. Same problem last year - I need to put a blanket over it at night. It is tangibly cooler now - I prefer it, I'd be happy with yesterdays weather all year.

The dogs were whiney, needy and fret full all day yesterday - Alfie in particular was a complete wuss, dunno what that was all about.

When I was out walking them yesterday I passed a house where an old bloke was painting his front render - he had chose a shade of cream that was just slightly different to next door and I had already seen him go to great lengths to make sure that he had a perfect demarcation line between his house and his neighbour - there is a decorative plaster panel in the front of the house that strides the two - and rather than painting the panel in one colour - he had divided it neatly down the middle, it looked stupid.  I also watched as he used a tape measure to make 100% sure that the line he was painting on the wall between the two divided his property from next doors EXACTLY. Only in England. later I saw the old woman who owns the house directly behind me. Lovely big double fronted Victorian villa - used to have a front garden that is now filled with decorative terracotta gravel - she is regularly out there carefully picking out tiny bits of gravel that are not the exact same shade... it's OCD plus.

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