Friday, 2 September 2011


Up early - due to Alfie Greyhund needing to eat grass at 4am. I'll brace myself for the inevitable results later. Lots to do today, including a trip into college and a meeting with someone I don't know.

Woke up with one of my phantom hangovers, probably due to all the salt in that carbonara last night.

Became very confused yesterday and thought that the clocks had gone back already - all the clocks here are automatic so I wouldn't know - it was very disconcerting.

I'm going to have a careful look at the camera I have in mind today - and make the decision which one to buy. Once I've sold my existing setup I'm break even on that one - so it's not an expense - and I can put it through my books as a studio cost.

I bough a film to watch on my ipod last night, I have a few train journeys due, including London via Charring Cross and I wanted to see if it made it more relaxing than an audio book - I went for George Pal's 'When Worlds Collide' - as I'm quite happy to watch that one over and over. and it's roughly the length of a trip from here to London. It's the first time I've bought anything visual for the iPod, apart from some free downloads - I'll probably end up with eyestrain.

Friday - bins out, glass to recycling, paper to the paper collection, pizza dinner.

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