Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ah, Thursday

I don't think I'm booked today - that's actually a good ting, I can catch up - I may still get confirmation later - or worse, Friday at 5pm to complete by Monday morning - that's a fairly regular thing - but I have loads to do today and I can get on with things.

Someone said something very nice to me yesterday -without being prompted, for no particular reason and without wanting anything in return - I'm not used to that - I assumed they were talking about someone else.

I was too tired to work late last night so ate pasta, watched 'A Night To Remember' again ( I've seen it so many times I'm beginning to think I was there ) and browsed new dog flea treatment developments on the internet and considered buying a steam cleaner ( seriously - I'm really keen!, if only because I hate ironing shirts ).

I have to start preparing the admin and induction paperwork for college from Monday, and get everything in place so I don't look stupid - that is very time consuming and absurdly administrative. I have to 'book' my holiday formally and have it approved, which is absurd because I'm a fractional and don't work from June to nearly October - so having to request a slot for a summer break is frankly stupid and probably contributes to the weight of administration that drags so many companies down. I discovered that if you don't actually do anything - nothing happens, nobody says anything - I suspect because it increases someones workload - thereby making their job more secure.

I'm just getting the head straight ready for the long dog walk - after yesterday's cuts and grazes - there will be no free running, just on lead . I saw a male green woodpecker yesterday, you hardly ever actually see the males - it was a surprise and a delight.


Anonymous said...

Good birdwatching. Pretty good to identify the male from the female since the only thing that differentiates them is a red centre to the black 'moustache' that sits at the base of their beak just under the eye.

Richard said...

yes indeed - I've been waiting four years for the mythical beast.

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