Sunday, 11 September 2011


It's going to be overkill Sunday - I'm not really sure how I feel about this one - it's one of those world events that has morphed into something independent of the event and become mythology. There was a very good fiction by Lionel Strieber on the radio earlier this week - letter to a woman who's husband had died 'in' 9/11 from one who had died 'on' 9/11. It was very good. I actually slept through the whole of thing ( I'd been working late - delivered the files and gone back to bed for a catch up kip ) and when I eventually got up and turned the radio on, I assumed it was the afternoon play and ignored it).  I'm actually pretty glad I didn't watch the thing 'live' on telly - it's not something I want in my head.

Loads of work to do today - I did quite a bit last night but it was harder than I expected. Rain in the night - high winds expected, grim weather for a few days and another dental appointment in the morning. 2 weeks left until teaching starts and a massive amount to do - and none of the things on my big list of summer projects started, let alone completed...  I think it's going to be a Radio 3 day, except the 2 hour 'all star, recorded live int he Sussex Countryside' adaptation of Midsomer Night's Dream - I'd rather have a Midsomer Murders.

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