Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Where did it all go wrong...

I had such high hopes for today...

Starting badly with the dentist - and what a tale of woe that is - despite having lovely, well cared for teeth, never having smoked, never eaten anything sugary and drinking little - I have fucked up gums that are in a bad way and need a lot of expensive 'help'. To be fair - she was lovely and informative - and quite supportive... but I have plenty to think about. I'm looking at about £1000 worth of remedial treatment.

I put rat poison out last night because I thought I could smell 'something' in the kitchen - all I was able to catch were a couple of slugs who munched on the stuff and expired - although it's possible that the scent came from a large bag of pigs ears that I bought at the weekend ( very good value... )

The bank are playing silly buggers with me - despite the fact I have £400 credit according to my online statement - I have zero available funds - which makes no sense - I can't have spent four hundred quid over the weekend - I have to wait for everything to go through because of the Bank Holiday - and I should be getting paid tomorrow - with quite a bit more due next week. It's probably bank charges, as soon as I'm fully solvent I'm moving to the CO-OPerative.

I was supposed top be in Brighton today giving a presentation - I had to mess about so much over the weekend with other stuff that I put it off for a day, a mistake... as I've now decided to change everything so will probably be up all night repeating the whole thing. I've done about 60% of it again already.

Another thing about the dentist - whenever I go there I get massie pain in my neck and shoulders that lasts for weeks - either through stress... which makes littlesense, I wasn't stressed - or because of the chair... I even had to take pain killers today - something I never normally do. There was a girl in there with her parents... I say girl, she was about 25. I've never seen anyone so scared in my life - her dad was trying to distract her by describing everything on sale in the pound shop - and telling us how much it cost:

" yes, it was a pound - and the Superglue, that was a pound - for a pack of four, a pound, can you belive it - really useful, just a pound" 

I was getting a bit tetchy...

I've just eaten and now I feel massively tired.... oh woe is me.

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