Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday Night

I have finished all my work for tomorrow ( it's 10.30pm ) - much earlier than expected - I was getting a bit worried that it wasn't going to come together but in the end I'm quite pleased with the way it all looks. Presentation tomorrow in Brighton. I've given myself £30 pocket money for the day, a fortune. Paid off a load more of my Tax bill today so I'm down to £1500 and the rest will be gone by the end of the month. I can taste it in the air.

Had  a call from Labour party Headquarters, asking why I'd canceled my payment last month... I didn't miss a beat and told her that frankly - it was either them or the mortgage - and I chose to keep a roof over my head. I think she understood - she was a bit taken aback by my candour.

Went into college very quickly - short meeting, made a few arrangements, not as painful as I expected. Still have a few weeks left before the start of term. This summer has gone so fast - at least I've been able to earn money, have set up a meeting next week with a client to go through our 6 month review of work - it's been going very well with them - so I'm looking forward to it.

I've washed and dried most of the rescued bedding. I now have about 20 each of duvet covers, sheets, mattress protectors and about 70 pillow cases. If there is a natural disater I can open a field hospital in the street outside the house.

I also had a very unnerving experience. There is a short, pretty girl working in the COOP who wears too much makeup and has huge, over done hair. She seems to be in there all the time... on my way over today to buy bread she came towards me and I thought I was seeing double  but she has an identical twin - and when I say Identical - I mean in every detail, they have exactly the same hair do - wear makeup in the same way and support equal amounts of mascara - they were both in their COOP uniforms - it was unnerving. Explains why she is always in there. Thought my eyes were going funny. Talking of which - I noticed today it was very difficult to look over my shoulder and see what was behind me when riding the bike - I REALLY need new glasses.



Identical twins fascinate me. If I had twins, I really don't know if I'd want to do the full identical dressing thing or not. No matter how 'identical' - one is always prettier, I find.

Richard said...

you can't tell with these two because they are so heavily... decorated... I generally always go for the one on the right - regardless of what it is...

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