Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Up early. May... may may not be a nice day. Very busy, loads to do. Have a dental appointment at 9am - it's private...  that will be an experience and a half. I may get some more sense out of her.

A bit behind, had loads of interruptions over the weekend and unexpectedly had to go out for part of yesterday. This week is going to be really busy and I'm expecting it to fly by. Already have very specific plans for the weekend. Despite everything I like the fact that teaching focus my mind a bit and I have a very rigid timetable - I even eat better. It's dark at 5am - my usual teaching time alarm time - so I'll soon be gearing up to start running in the morning - after this week when money starts coming in I'll get myself some new trainers and start a few practice runs, The dogs won't walk in the dark so it's a handy time to go out.

Hope I don't get too many interruptions today - really am very busy. At least the house is clean and tidy. Spent about £100 yesterday online buying a years worth of dog care products, mostly flea and tick prevention. The ticks come from the fields, there are a lot of sheep around now and you have to be very careful.

I had my lunch at The Ship in Winchelsea Beach yesterday ( I had my meeting there - it's the place I've been working on, developing branding and graphics etc ). I sat on the terrace and was able to listen to people talk. Most people were very complimentary ( it's Lovely ) but some people are never happy - they have to complain about everything, I don't know what's wrong with them. "We have a table in the restaurant - but we want the bar menu - is that ok?... why not?" The only person who actually wanted something from the bar menu was a 7 year old boy in a Ralph Lauren Polo top - why he was so fucking important that he HAD to have what he wanted - I don't know. I never went into a restaurant until I was about 20, and was always the last to order until I was about 30, why is a 7 year old ordering off menu, and why are his parents so passive?. The wife was just as bad "but there is nothing that  I like......" - and why book a table on the terrace when you don't like sitting in the sun.... Also, why go to the bar, order drinks, walk through the restaurant - rather than take the door to the garden - onto the terrace and complain that there are no steps down into the garden "oh, well that's stupid - we can't get into the garden" - well, of course not - be because the last thing people in the restaurant need is a bunch of idiots trailing through on their way to the cheap seats.

The garden is full of ship salvage ( it's themed, innit) and there is a large ships funnel on the terrace - the woman with the spoilt child sat next to it and the brat said 'that's that' - pointing.... she barely looked at it 'It's a speaker' she said.

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