Tuesday, 23 August 2011


.. and waking up is hard to do.

I'm exhausted. It's 6am and I'm listening to the news - it's been raining all night and I had a weird dream that I was in a railway station in London - possibly South Kensinton tube, and I had no shoes on - so wandered into a shop that sold the kind of things that posh kids would have bought to go away to boarding school in the 1920s - it was great, lots of small leather goods, watched, false moustaches, merino wool jumpers that had been washed so much they were felted, and cherry red shoes. I spent loads of money and went home happy.

Worked really hard yesterday - it was chaos, constant telephone calls - dealing with problems and struggling to get anything done. In the end I managed to get quite a bit completed but by the time it calmed down it was 9pm and I was too tired to do any more. I have a brief meeting today at about 9.30 that I would rather avoid - so my morning is wasted.

Yesterday I went over to see the kitchen that I am negotiating for - it's in a house that's being refurbished and I'm hoping to install it in my house with the consent of the owners and assistance ( and payment ) of the builder and project manager. If it's too big for my galley kitchen,  I will install it in the dining room and make the kitchen into a utility room - or possibly a studio if I can rebuild it. There is also a wood burner that i can hopefully have and will install in my dining room.

In addition, they were having a huge clear-out ( these are people with rather more disposable income than me ) so I came home with bags of used and unused bedding. the unused stuff is great - lots of sheets and duvet covers - the used stuff is perfect for the dogs. Little mouse now sleeps on Ralph Lauren. There is a lot of blue/green tartan bed linen that looks quite good on the furniture so that's the dogs new 'house' style. Quite a bit can go to the charity shop - some will be ideal for decorating. I have no shame, I'll accept anything free.

I've been watching the bindweed with some fascination - has anyone else noticed that it's really aggressive this year - in the garden it can grow a couple of feet a day - it's crawling towards the house and will seen be tapping on the windows, begging to come in, or creeping up the stairs to strangle me in my sleep. It's not just me - it's everywhere. Either the time has come for bindweed to take over the earth... or it's just been the right climactic conditions for it. I'm measuring it every day - if it gets to the dining room by the weekend I'm getting a flame thrower.

Wrote some more invoices last night - that made me happy. I don't think the dogs will go out because it's wet - so I'm going to take a risk and throw myself straight into my early morning pot of coffee - sometimes tea just won't do.

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