Sunday, 28 August 2011


Much cooler - the dogs had a huge run around in the big double field and are now asleep on their beds.

Managed to get loads done yesterday, cleaned the house from top to bottom and chucked more stuff into bags for the salvation Army - even filed some paperwork. had a ruthless clearout of clothes and other pointless bits of deadweight detrius - and moved a few unwanted and unloved bits up into the loft.

I was in town yesterday, had a meeting with someone about work and spent a very nice half hour in the pop up vegetarian cafe opposite Butlers, very good apple crumble. Bought a scarf in the 'Little Treasures' retro shop that I actually really like but may never wear. I don't really 'do' scarves - they make my head look fat.

In the spirit of economy and houskeeping, I even cleaned up my iPod and canceled the subscriptions to about 25 podcasts that I never listen to.

The papers are fairly dull, but will jolly up when hurricane Irene finally makes landfall in NY - they just had a typhoon warning for Brooklyn and Queens, we live in interesting times.

Barry Cryer and some confused old woman are really rambling their way through the Sunday Program on Radio 4 - it's like a row in an old peoples home over the TV remote control.

One of the thins I did yesterday was clear the kitchen of useless and unwanted kitchen trinkets - I will never use an egg whisk, nor the 3 nutcrackers, the toffee hammer, or selection of small wire icing sugar sieves. All destined for the salvation Army.

I Looked through the papers, nothing much to report - the daily Mail are all over Petra Eccelstone's wedding. I don't really understand who she is - but the paper seemed to think she's 'stunning' - and the same for many of the guests at her multi million pound extravaganza. I thought they all looked like bored, stupid, plastic hookers.

The old woman on the radio is talking about Apple computers and design - with all the authority of someone who has only read one article about it.

Loads to do today, but feeling chipper!!

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