Friday, 26 August 2011

I bloody love Fridays

..yes I do, and a bank holiday Friday is even better - I don't expect the phone to ring until Tuesday at the earliest.

I have a few jobs to do today, and then I'm going to take a few hours off. I may go into town for a while - there are a couple of thins I'd like to see, and as it's raining - the dogs are refusing to go out.

I'm taking a load of stuff to the charity shop - clearing up the attic a bit more and throwing more stuff out. Very Liberating. I may treat myself to a film at HMV. I was planning to see 'Howl' at the little cinema in Hastings this week but I had too much work - I looked at it yesterday in the HMV in Brighton, but it was £18, I'm thinking more along the lines of £3.

The lack of daily cycle rides to college has left me feeling very unfit and I've put on weight - so I'm going to have a think about that - I did consider going running in the mornings at about this time last year - and never got round to it. I saw someone recently for the first time in a while and they go running every day - I saw stunned at how much better they looked, they looked OK before - but it was like a different person.

I've been watching the Bindweed - it is going crazy in the garden and taking over - I'm fascinated by it's growth - a single tendril is making it's way down the stairs towards the house, moving at about 8 inches a day - by next week it will be at the dining room door - and then possibly will make it's way upstairs to strangle me in my sleep.... it's only a matter of time

I am also vaguely thinking about setting up a Paypal account so I can flog things on ebay, but that sounds like a lot of hard work.

Nothing in the papers, probably a good thing.

Very chipper today, determined to retain that mood all weekend - whatever happens!

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